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           Our company, which laid its foundations in 2015 as Alliance GMD, continues to work with a customer satisfaction-oriented service approach and professional working principle. Our Real Estate Architecture Consultancy company started to operate in the Health Tourism sector, especially in European countries, under the name of MGL Med in 2019. In the health services provided, there are especially Obesity Surgery, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Oral and Dental Surgery and Hair Transplantation upon intense demands.

           Our company, whose references are increasing day by day, continues to improve itself. We are expanding our service areas further according to requests and demands.

Among our services;

           Gastric Tube, Gastric Bypass, Gastric Balloon, Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction, Abdominal Lift, Liposuction, Brazilian Hip, Fox Eye / Cat Eye, Dental Veneer, Zirconium Veneer, Implants, Teeth Whitening, Bone Grafting, FUE FUE Sapphire for Hair aesthetics, DHI and DHI Mega are also included.

           Our Quality Standards are prepared with a systematic approach based on the World Health Organization targets, international developments, and the needs and priorities of the country’s health system. During the preparation of the standard, the opinions and suggestions of our customers and experts who are competent in their fields are taken through various methods, and it is ensured that they are included in all processes related to quality studies, especially in applications. In order to continue our work in an effective and stable manner, it is ensured that the various auxiliary guides published by our Ministry together with the Quality Standards are handled and implemented with a holistic perspective.

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MGL Group – Pioneer in the Health Sector
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To create added value for the country’s economy by providing quality service to our domestic and foreign customers in order to be successful in the commercial sense, and to contribute directly and indirectly to employment in parallel with its development.


To develop our services with the investments we make and to provide quality service to all our customers who demand service from us as a respected and valuable brand.

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Hanne Dilara KÜÇÜK
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