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Body Lift

Body Lift Surgery

What do our patients think about body lift surgeries? The prerequisite for body stretching is excess skin, and correcting this excess skin, especially without complications, requires a series of disciplines. For this reason, specialization and higher education in this field have been organized all over the world in the last few years.

The main philosophy of the appearance of excess skin on a body is excessive weight loss. This mechanism can be seen after pregnancy in women, as well as after rapid weight loss or stomach operations (bariatric surgeries) in both women and men.

If we list the areas in which excess skin can occur in the body by generalizing the order of occurrence, we will see the following result;

abdominal area
inner leg
in the breasts
Waist and butt
in the arms
on the back
outer limbs
percent and

The primary condition for the correction of all these deformities is to be faced with a healthy patient. If the patient does not have any health problems and does not smoke or can stop before surgery, these deformities can be corrected in sessions.

Of course, when we say sessions, these deformities and possible deformities do not have to be a patient at the same time, because the process that people go through while losing weight is different for everyone.

So how do we go about correcting these deformities?

I think the abdomen and waist butt region should be planned to rotate 360 ​​degrees with a single incision in the same session and the operation called cicumferential body lift should be performed.
The inside and outside of the legs, if necessary, can be performed in a single session and should be combined with liposuction on the legs as in all operations. Inner and outer thigh stretching, that is, inner/outer tigh lift operations, are applied.
In breast aesthetics, the necessity of breast prosthesis should be considered, since there is often a loss of volume while correcting the excess skin. This process can be combined with arm stretching or it can be combined with back stretching, where the scar will remain in the bra area. If necessary in all three procedures, breast arm and back stretching can be performed together.
Since the loss of volume in the eyebrows, eyelids, neck and face will need to be corrected in the facelift process, it will require 4-5 procedures on its own, so it is appropriate to do it in a completely separate session.
Lower leg sagging is very rare but can be done alone or in combination with one of the other procedures if necessary.

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