Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

In order for women to have a beautiful and proportional body, it is very important that their breasts are large enough to look aesthetically pleasing when compared to other body sizes. Many women find their chest size to be low for their body. Thanks to different techniques, the breast can be enlarged and the desired size can be achieved.

What are the breast enlargement methods?

These techniques are:

To do sport
Implant treatment
It can be considered as an oil injection.

In addition, implant treatment is divided into different branches in itself. However, it is up to your physician to decide which type of implant can be used. Your doctor will explain to you what the most suitable implant type is according to your wishes and expectations, which aspects of them will have positive returns, and the difference from others.

How is Breast Size Determined?

Breast Augmentation Methods The task of your plastic surgeon during the decision-making phase is to provide consultancy. It should not be forgotten that people have the authority to make decisions about their own bodies. In addition, acting in line with the wishes of the person who will live with that body after the aesthetic procedure is the healthiest method for everyone’s happiness.

Your doctor offers the options that best suit your body shape. At this point, suggestions are made that will provide comfort to the person in terms of health as well as making your body look physically beautiful. You can also make a choice together with your doctor. The size of the prosthesis is up to you. Your doctor will inform you if he thinks it will be unhealthy anyway.

Your doctor has the opportunity to show you how you will look before the operation, using computer technology, according to your choice and expectation. In this way, you can make the image that will emerge as a result of the operation more desired by making changes on the image.

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