Breast Lift (With Prosthesis)

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Breast Lift (With Prosthesis)

Breast Prosthesis and Lift Surgery

It is especially applied to people who have loose skin, have lost a lot of weight, or have sagging breasts that have occurred after the lactation period. The breast tissue is not connected to the chest wall by any bone. If our skin is also loose, sagging occurs in the chest over time due to gravity. This sagging will become more obvious in older, overweight individuals, and over time, the breast tissue will have completely descended. In such a case, the person will be uncomfortable with this situation and will need breast prosthesis and lifting.

Breast Lift Surgery Stages

The person should be evaluated in two stages in detail by the plastic surgeon to whom he/she applies. First of all, if the breast tissue is sufficient, the breast lift process is planned with only its own tissues. If its own texture is not sufficient, the breast can be given a fuller and steeper shape with the help of a silicone. The important thing is that the person should tell his/her expectations at this point and all the questions in his mind to the surgeon, and make a correct decision. This surgery is an easy procedure. On the day of the operation, the person requesting the operation is interviewed again and after the necessary anesthesia consultation, the planning stage is started. In the meantime, drawings are made, photographs are taken, and after a final interview with the person, he is taken into surgery. He is then taken to his room. The person is discharged after the same day or overnight stay. He should come back for control after a week.

Breast lift surgery, which has been developed to ensure that women’s breasts are not saggy and that women can achieve the desired appearance and be happy, also helps women to overcome their psychological problems. Because most women cannot have the breasts they want, they experience psychological depressions and these depressions can progress over time and cause problems such as depression in the person.

Breast prosthesis and lift surgery, which eliminates all this problem, is a slightly more severe operation than other breast operations. The duration of the surgery is long, while other surgeries take a maximum of 2 hours, this surgery takes 2 to 4 hours. In addition, only general anesthesia is applied in this surgery, it is an operation that cannot be performed with local anesthesia. The reason for this is that both the operation takes a long time and the results of the operation are heavy.

This surgery is generally performed on patients who have all their controls and positive results from each of them. The doctor gives some information to the patients with chronic diseases and performs this surgery after he/she has signed a document stating that he/she has read and understood these information thoroughly. Because surgery can cause various bleedings, blood accumulation in the tissues and stitches in people with chronic diseases. Surgery is a risky surgery for such people.

In addition, this surgery is a must, since the sagging breast problem is a serious problem that cannot be resolved by anything other than surgery. Because no cream, massage or machine applied to sagging breasts will remove the sagging of the breasts.

How is Breast Prosthesis and Lift Surgery Performed?

First of all, as mentioned above, this surgery is an operation performed only under general anesthesia. In some types, it is done with breast reduction surgery, while in some types it is done with breast augmentation surgery. Of course, there are cases where it is done alone, but usually people with large breast problems have drooping breasts. In addition, people who have small breasts and want to enlarge their breasts should also have this surgery to prevent their breasts from sagging.

The duration of the operation varies from 2 to 4 hours. This period may be a little longer when compared to other surgeries. Breast lift surgery is performed by adding a silicone prosthesis to the chest of people who have a slight sagging in their chest. In general, it is similar to breast augmentation surgery. But unlike breast augmentation surgery, a drain is added to people in this surgery.

There is an application similar to breast reduction surgery in people with severe breast sagging. Since the breasts of people whose breasts are larger than they should be, they also have saggy breasts, two procedures are applied to those people. But in this surgery, breast

Unlike reduction surgery, mammary gland reduction is not performed. Because the purpose is only to make the breasts erect.

If the mammary gland of the person is very insufficient, a silicone prosthesis is placed under the breast to make the breast erect. This will lead to the formation of laxity in the skin. Excess skin is collected in order to eliminate the abundance in the skin and this problem does not cause a change in the appearance. If the person has a healthy practice, he will be extremely satisfied with the work done.

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