Brow Lift

Brow Lift

What is brow lift surgery?

Eyebrows are one of the main structures that add meaning to our face and determine our facial expression. Although the structure and shape of our eyebrows are determined congenitally, changes in the sub-brow fat tissue, connective tissue and bone tissue over time can cause significant lowering of our eyebrows.

Eyebrow drooping not only impairs the aesthetic appearance, but also prevents the quality of vision by piling up on the eyelid. In this case, it is possible to get rid of the feeling of heaviness on the eye while correcting the tired, unhappy appearance with eyebrow lifting surgery.

Many patients who have undergone brow lift surgery due to excessive drooping of the eyebrows also state that their world has become brighter after the surgery and that their visual field has expanded greatly.

In addition to upper and lower lid surgeries, brow lift operations are also performed for visual function and opening the visual field in patients with facial paralysis or cutting injuries and who develop permanent damage.

What are the eyebrow lifting methods?

There are many surgical and non-surgical eyebrow lifting methods in accordance with the anatomical structure and needs of the person. Non-surgical methods include botulinum toxin, filling, thread applications and device procedures.

Among the surgical methods, there are different techniques that are made by entering from the eyelid fold, just above the eyebrow, or from the hairline.

Brow lift surgeries are mostly combined with eyelid surgeries; Eyelid surgeries in which the eyebrows are not raised, although necessary, may cause patients not to be happy enough.

Combining brow lift surgeries with eyelid aesthetic surgeries provides longer-term youth to both the eyelids, eyebrows and forehead.

A frequently used method in eyebrow lift surgery is the indirect method, which is performed through the same hidden incision during blepharoplasty surgery, where excess eyelid skin is removed. In this case, since a new incision is not made, there is no possibility of scarring. The outer part of the eyebrow is released upwards through the lid and attached to the tissue on the bone from the inside at the desired height. In this method, only the outer part of the eyebrow can be raised.

Raising the eyebrow with the incision just above the eyebrow provides the most effective and longest lasting result. However, this method, which has the possibility of scarring, requires appropriate patient selection and very serious experience. In this method, in which direct tissue is removed, the intended amount of elevation and the desired eyebrow shape can be obtained mathematically. In this method, only the outer part or the whole of the eyebrow can be raised. In most cases, an experienced surgeon can provide scar camouflage with special techniques and, if necessary, post-operative injections, and there is no scar problem in the long run.

In eyebrow and forehead lift, a very effective lift can be made with lengthwise incisions made just in front of or just behind the scalp. However, these procedures, in which the entire forehead is raised, are not preferred today for some reasons such as requiring a long recovery period and causing loss of sensation, and are only recommended for a small number of suitable patients.

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