DHI Mega

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DHI Mega

DHI Mega

Numerous studies are continuing to advance the technique used in hair transplantation operations, to increase the number and vitality of the transplanted hair follicles, and to shorten the healing process. Mega session is among these techniques. Mega session is the process of increasing the number of hair follicles taken in a single hair transplant surgery above a certain number. Mega session method can be easily applied in hair transplantation techniques such as FUE and DHI, where hair follicles are taken one by one. With this method, the number of hair follicles taken in a single session in hair transplantation can now be increased to over 7,000 grafts on average. It is a much more suitable method for people with a large degree of baldness and high hair density. In this way, the hair transplant operation can be completed in a single session according to the needs of the person.


The advantages of mega session application with DHI hair transplantation technique can be listed as follows: No scratches, wounds or channels / holes are formed. Painkillers after the procedure, etc. No need for medication. Since the extracted hair follicles are placed with DHI Planter, there is no need to open a hair root canal during the operation. The operation is completely performed by the hair transplant surgeon, no machine is used. No action is taken on the hair follicles. Time is not lost with microscopic examination and hair follicles do not lose their vitality because they are not exposed to intense light and heat. There is no need for an extra process for hair count. Since the hair grafts taken are not subjected to an extra process, the adhesion rate of the transplanted hair follicles increases by 90%. Since the rate of grafts remaining outside the scalp is reduced, the drying rate is reduced. It provides less anesthesia and drug use. It increases the vitality, retention rate and quality of the transplanted hair follicles. Most of the transplanted hair follicles immediately go into the growth phase, so the hair grows early. With the DHI hair technique, it is possible to achieve the hair density you dream of and a 100% natural look. All these advantages are extremely important for a successful hair transplant, so the chance of survival of the newly transplanted hair can be increased.

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