DHI Hair Transplant

What is hair transplantation with DHI method?

DHI Hair Transplantation means “Direct Hair Transplantation”. Thanks to the medical pen called choi, which is used only by experts, the grafts and the hair obtained from these pens are directed directly without opening the canal. While these two processes are performed in the known hair transplantation, thanks to the special pens used, they are reduced to one and help and convenience are provided for the expedition. While there are three in hair transplantation tools in FUE, there are two in DHI. the purpose of the application; To increase the quality in transplantation, to intensify it, about the current application, do not make hair transplantation for a short time after the hair transplantation process.

What are the DHI Hair Transplant Stages?

The donor is applied with local anesthesia and the hair is shed with a hair lightener and a special pen. Thanks to this feature of the next hair follicles, the process of placing them in the scalp begins. The hair is placed deep in the scalp thanks to the special choi pens. This pen has a very thin, small special structure with a tip where hair follicles can be placed. This pen, which will be made suitable for the scalp, will place the hair follicle in the scalp when pressed for special use. The methods applied to healthy tissues are much more comprehensive in this regard. You are rated for about 10-12 hours. The final control is performed as in the robotic surgery hair and Fue method. Washing begins on the second day and continues for eight days.

DHI Hair Transplant Advantages ?

Doing the grooving and the hair follicle at the same time does not allow the haircut to be done without waiting for a long time. It provides much more frequent planting and a much more natural appearance. Thanks to its special tool, the waiting time of the hair transplant service is reduced. Existing hair is not damaged.

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