Face Lift (Excluding Neck)

Face Lift (Excluding Neck)

Face Lift

Although facelift is perceived as a medical procedure performed due to aesthetic concerns, it also appears as a medical necessity from time to time. Today, we cannot talk about the fact that only women prefer face lift operations, which are commonly performed for aesthetic concerns. Face lift procedures, which are also very popular among men of our age, are mostly preferred to recover skin loosening and sagging on the face after a certain age. It is not quite right to talk about an age restriction for facelift procedures, because it is sufficient for the person to feel his own face aged and to detect that the face has lost its dynamism as a result of the examination. After obesity surgery, which has become very popular today, patients lose serious weight and the sagging skin that develops on the skin disturbs individuals who have a weak and fit appearance. These patients also prefer facelift techniques.

Surgery is not necessary for facelift. One of today’s preferred methods is face lift tape. Face lift tapes, which can be easily accessed by everyone, even from internet shopping sites or cosmetic stores, are frequently applied by people who are not satisfied with their current state. However, it should be kept in mind that the applications made with face lift tapes, which are preferred with their relatively affordable cost, are only a temporary solution, and the standards of these products, which are widely available in the market, are also controversial.

Is a non-surgical facelift possible?

When non-surgical face lift is mentioned, only face bands should not come to mind. Non-surgical face lift procedures such as botox, filler, laser, cellular therapy, which are also referred to as “non-invasive” methods that do not require too much intervention on the patient, are also among the options. At this point, it is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that all these processes must be carried out by competent people and by experts in places with hygiene requirements. It is a fact that should be kept in mind that the procedures performed without these conditions can cause serious problems such as infection and allergy. As reflected in the public many times, the problems caused by such unconscious practices cause people to face irreparable results. And another thing to keep in mind is that permanent results should not be expected from applications such as botox, laser and cellular therapy. These applications have an effectiveness of 6 months or 1 year. After this period, the effectiveness gradually decreases and the process may need to be repeated.

How is face lift surgery performed?

Apart from the non-surgical and injection procedures for face lift tape and face lift, surgical face lift is also possible. If the person applies due to necessity and / or aesthetic dissatisfaction, and if deformations such as loosening and sagging of the skin are detected as a result of the examination performed by the specialist physician, it is not very difficult to eliminate these problems with facelift surgery. With the developing technology, both the cost of such operations and the acceleration of the operation and post-operative process increase the preferences in this direction. While planning the surgery, first of all, by looking at the youth photos of the patient, it is determined how aging occurs, where and in what direction deformation occurs on the face.

There is a common belief that with facelift surgery, only the skin is stretched. However, this is not true. With an operation that will give accurate and successful results, not only the skin, but all skin layers are shaped in three dimensions. With the incision made on the skin, the connective tissues under the skin, mimic muscles and loosened tissues are intervened. With the touches made to these deep tissues under the skin, the loose and sagging elements are moved to the places where they should be on a normal face and the existing disorders are eliminated. One of the main questions that comes to mind regarding facelift surgeries is whether there will be any scars after the surgery. Since face lift surgery is performed with small incisions of 1 to 2 millimeters in endoscopic methods and remaining in the hair, there is no scar image. In classical methods, these incisions heal over time and become invisible as they are located in front and behind the ear and the natural lines of the face are placed between them.

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