Face Lift (Including Neck)

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Face Lift (Including Neck)

Face Lift (Including Neck)

Structures in the lower face and neck; the lower part of the cheeks, the sides of the chin and the neck. With age, with the effect of gravity, facial skin piles up (jowl) over the chin edges, its oval is distorted and takes a square shape. Deep lines are formed from the corners of the mouth downwards (Marionette lines), the neck skin becomes loose and sagging, vertical bands are formed due to the relaxation of the muscles under the neck skin (turkey neck), fat accumulates in the food and the angle of the neck becomes indistinct. In some people, severe sagging of the neck may occur without significant aging on the other sides of the face.

The aim in the lower face and neck region is to stretch the excess skin by stretching, to stretch the muscle layer under the skin with stitches, to remove the excess fat tissue in the neck, to tighten the neck muscles by sewing them together, and to make the neck angle clear. For this purpose, face and neck lift surgeries, neck liposuction, neck suspending procedures, chin prosthesis and fat injections are applied in necessary patients.

Frequently asked questions about lower face and neck rejuvenation procedures:

Who is the lower face and neck rejuvenation procedures applied to?

Lower face and neck rejuvenation procedures are often performed as part of facial rejuvenation procedures. However, it can be performed alone in patients who do not have serious problems in the upper and mid-face area. People who have piles on the edges of the chin, lubrication on the neck, and sagging skin on the neck are suitable candidates for these procedures. It is usually performed over the age of 40.

How are lower face and neck rejuvenation procedures performed?
The methods that can be applied in lower face and neck rejuvenation are as follows:

Face and neck lift: The face and neck skin is lifted with the help of an incision that starts in front of the ear, turns behind the ear if necessary, and extends from there to the scalp. If there is not much problem in the neck, the scar is left only in front of the ear. This procedure is called a short scar face lift. The SMAS layer, which is a layer under the skin and includes our mimic muscles, is stretched with sutures in accordance with the needs of the patient and the lower layer of the face is shaped. If this procedure is not performed, patients will return to their former state in a short time after facelift. If there is fat on the neck, fat is usually removed with the help of liposuction. If there are many vertical bands on the neck and there is a turkey neck appearance, a short incision is made under the chin and the neck is opened and the neck muscles are stitched together. This process highlights the neck angle. If the jawbone is behind, it is clarified with jaw tip prostheses or fat injections. Marionette lines descending from the lip edges are filled with fat injections. If the lower half of the face is oily, it can be thinned with liposuction. Excess skin on the face and neck is cut and removed. The scars are sewn in front of the ears, behind them and hidden in the hair.
Liposuction: In patients with good skin elasticity and young age, the neck can be thinned and the neck angle can be clarified only with liposuction. With the fats taken, the chin tip and chin edges can be made clear, and Marionette lines can be filled.
Neck straps: In patients who do not want scars and whose skin elasticity is not much impaired, the neck skin is suspended in the form of a hammock with the help of special threads from short incisions made under the ear after the liposuction procedure on the neck. Fat injections and jaw tip prosthesis applications can be added to this process.

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