Fat Injection to the Face

Fat Injection to the Face

What is fat injection?

It is the injection of fat into those areas to provide fullness in various parts of the face and body. Cheeks, forehead, cheek-lip line, lips, chin tip, sunken areas on the hips and legs can be counted as examples of places where this application is made.

Where is oil taken from for oil injection?

Fats are usually taken from the abdomen with special liposuction injectors. Waist and hip areas are also the areas where fat is taken frequently. Fats taken from the arms and legs of people who are scheduled for liposuction, and even oils from the under-eye bags of patients who have had eyelid aesthetics can be used for fat injection.

How is fat injection done?

Fat injection is usually done under local anesthesia. Sometimes it can be a phase of a surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia. For example, during the face lift process, such as plumping the cheeks with fat injection… The fats taken are injected into the area to be transferred, by passing through some special processes (washing, centrifugation), by transferring them to a suitable injector. Since no incision is made during these procedures, it does not leave any traces.

Does fat injection provide permanent fullness?

The more the fat cells transferred to their new place survive, the more permanent the fat injection will be. Thanks to some recently developed devices, the extracted oils can be transferred to the relevant area without contacting with air. In this way, since the loss of tissue is less, the permanence time of the oils is also extended.

This is the reason why fat injection is superior to augmentation processes in which filling materials containing hyaluronic acid are used. The extent to which the fat cells will remain alive depends on the surgical material used, the way the fat is taken and given, and the transfer of fats through various processes.

An average of 40% of the transferred oils can persist after 6 months. Therefore, in some cases, it may be necessary to repeat the oil injection. The chances of success are higher in dormant areas. For example, while fat injection in the cheek area is more successful, it can be less successful in active areas such as legs.

In which areas is fat injection done most often?

The most common area where fat injection is applied is the face. Below, I have listed the areas with the most fat injections:

All or part of the face; cheeks, lips, deep lines of expression: dimples and lines, which are due to facial weakness or structure and make the person look unhealthy and tired, are filled to provide a more lively and healthy appearance. Some oil can be given to thicken the lips, to eliminate the deep wrinkles around the mouth, to plump the cheekbones and even to enlarge the lower jaw a little.
Buttock: especially suitable for people who want to protrude backwards.
Hip: It is used to create this fold in women who do not have lateral folds on the hips. In this way, the waist appears thinner. The appearance called hourglass is achieved.
Legs; In the case of curved legs, the legs are straightened a little by injecting fat into the hollow parts in the middle.
Breast; In case of breast asymmetry, especially the fat injection to be made under the small breast will provide symmetry in the breasts.
hands; correction of signs of aging. A sufficient amount of fat injection to the back of the hand will hide the wrinkles in this area.
Filling the pits formed later on the body or face; such as after an accident or surgery.

In addition, fat injection can be made before the surgical intervention to be performed later for rehearsal purposes. For example, the result that can be obtained with fat injection is rehearsed beforehand in patients with very uncertain cheekbones. If the result is satisfactory, since the fat will melt a little after a while, an implant is applied to the area as a permanent solution in order to provide the same fullness.

Fats are also frequently used to correct the shape of the hips and to correct liposuction deformities that have been done before and have caused collapses. The depressions formed after some accidents can be successfully filled with fat injection.

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