Fox Eye / Cat Eye

Fox Eye / Cat Eye

What is Fox Eye Aesthetics?

Today, most women and men want to have effective and striking looks. In order to have such looks, some people apply to Instagram effects, while others use various make-up tricks. Fox Eyes Aesthetics, which is one of the popular and rare procedures applied by very few physicians in the world, has emerged to eliminate all these efforts and waste of time.


Fox Eyes Aesthetics is the process of giving a more effective and attractive expression to the eyes by pulling the eye and eyebrow slightly upwards by using French Strap ropes. Thanks to Fox Eyes Aesthetics, most people can have the expression they are trying to achieve with temporary instagram effects or make-up that takes hours without compromising their naturalness.


It can be applied to people over the age of 18, who complain about low eyebrows and tired expression in their eyes. Before deciding on the application, the most important thing is whether your face and eye structure are aesthetically suitable for it. After a detailed discussion with your doctor, you can decide more clearly whether you want to have this procedure.


Before the Fox Eyes procedure, which is not a surgical procedure and is performed using French Strap threads, the area to be treated is anesthetized with local anesthesia. After numbness, the eye is pulled upwards with a special surgical thread from the area in the middle of the eyebrow and eye. Thus, the eye is given the shape of Fox Eyes. The procedure takes 30-45 minutes and there is no trace afterward. After the procedure, you can talk easily and continue your daily life.


Since Fox Eyes Aesthetics is a suspension application, its permanence is 1.5 – 2 years like other suspension procedures. One of its most important advantages is that it is a process that can be undone if it is not liked.

Slanting eyes, called cat eyes or bella eyes, provide a fresher and more attractive look to the person, while at the same time, they are among the applications that raise the face against gravity. This procedure, named after the famous model Bella Hadid, makes the eyes slanted upwards. This eye type is also called cat eyes because it resembles the eye structures of cats. We will give information about what is the method known as Bella eyes aesthetics and how it is applied.

What is the ideal eye shape?

The ideal eye shape is when the outer canthal ligament is 2 mm above the inner canthal ligament. In other words, there is a slight upward elliptical slant in our anatomy. Although this situation is present in almost everyone when they are young, it deteriorates with laxity in the outer canthal ligament with age. Due to the loosening of the tissue over time, the tension in the eye structure disappears. In addition, the eye structure of some people may not have a sufficiently tense appearance from a young age. Aesthetic intervention can be applied to create the appearance expressed as a cat’s eye.

What is the Cat Eyes or Bella Eyes technique?

Cat eye aesthetics is an aesthetic intervention applied to remove the eye more slanted and upwards. While cat eyes or bella eyes are usually performed with a small incision made from the edge of the eye for the repair of the external canthal ligament, if the person is also planned to have eyebrow suspension or temple stretching in the same session, they can also be performed endoscopically with a small incision made in the temporal region. This aesthetic operation is not a very long-term surgical intervention. It is an intervention that is completed in an average of 1 hour.

In which situations are cat eyes (cat eye aesthetics) preferred?

While the cat eyes aesthetic was not a well-known aesthetic intervention, the cat eye look has become much more popular with Bella Hadid. The attractiveness and beauty of the cat eye look has become more noticeable. Questions such as what are Bella eyes have begun to be asked and wondered more. In addition to having a beautiful eye structure, cat eye aesthetics is preferred to revive the eyes that have lost their vitality and vigor due to the laxity of the outer lateral canthal ligament with age, the downward direction of the eye corner, prominent crow’s feet or looseness in the temple area.

What distinguishes the cat eyes method from others?

Cat eyes, also known as cat eye plastic surgery, are expressed as simply raising the edge of the eye. Terms such as temporal lifting also include temple lift and brow lift. In other words, when you only perform cat eyes operation, only the corner of your eye is moved upwards, and a completely tight eye area is not obtained. Extra interventions may be required when a Bella Hadid face appearance is desired to be achieved as a whole. For those who want an upward slanting and larger eye structure, products such as bella eyes tape can be preferred as an extra, but these do not both give the same effect and are not a permanent solution.

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