Jowl Hip Fat Injection

Jowl Hip Fat Injection

Double Hip Fat Injection

Full hips are one of the most popular aesthetic looks of recent years! The most important key to looking sexy is that the hips are protruding and shaped. If you want to plump your buttocks and make it look more shapely, you can have butt fat injection using your own body fat. Buttock augmentation aesthetics can now be performed by using the excess regional fat of the person. At this stage, first of all, the excess fat in the patient’s body is removed with the Vaser Liposuction method according to the size, shape, current fat density and soft tissue quality of the desired hip. For buttocks augmentation, regions with intense regional lubrication such as abdomen and thighs are generally preferred. The extracted fat is injected into the buttocks of the person, preserving its vitality. You can be discharged on the same day as there is no scar in the buttock augmentation aesthetic with fat.

Why Should I Prefer Buttock Fat Injection for Buttocks Enlargement?

There are many advantages of having fat injection for shaped buttocks. First of all, it is ensured that the patient gets rid of unwanted fat, that is, evaluates these fats. It is possible to slim your waist while filling your hips! Thanks to the fat injection into the hip, your hip is lifted upwards and a lifting effect is created. The adipose tissue placed on the upper and middle parts of your hips will leave a natural result on your butt. With Butt Fat injection, you can not only fill your butt but also shape your butt. Sagging hips are recovered with fat transfer, providing a more attractive appearance. In addition, since the injected fat is a living tissue, the quality of the skin on your hip increases and the roughness in this area disappears by itself over time.

Brazilian Buttock is Possible with Fat Transfer to the Butt! In order to reach the Brazilian butt with the person’s own fat, fat is extracted from your abdomen or thighs with the Vaser Liposuction method. In hip enlargement, an average of 300 – 400 ml of fat is needed for each hip. In the first 6 months after the fat injection, 30% of the injected fat dissolves spontaneously. The rest will maintain its permanence for life.

Fat transfer creates the most practical and effective result for people who want Kim Kardashian butt and Jennifer Lopez hips. You start to see results right after the fat injection. In the first days, your hips may appear larger than they are due to edema and swelling. Within 3 weeks, your buttocks will look more natural and toned.

Who Is Butt Fat Injection Suitable For?

Hip augmentation aesthetics is suitable for everyone from the age of 20. Buttock augmentation with fat injection can be done up to the age of 60. The important thing here is that the person has enough adipose tissue. As people age, the amount of subcutaneous fat decreases. This leads to a decrease in body fat. For this reason, we recommend that you do not wait too long for the hip augmentation process.

The decrease in adipose tissue also leads to sagging of the hips. In cases where the hip is sagging, we can fill your hips with fat injection and make it look tight and full as before.

How Much Fat Is Used in Hip Augmentation Aesthetics?

First of all, the patient who will undergo hip augmentation is checked out. Necessary drawings and plans are made by determining how much the hip can be filled. Buttock augmentation aesthetics with butt fat injection is performed under local anesthesia. 50% of the fat taken with Vaser Liposuction is used for buttock augmentation. Since an average of 400 ml of fat is needed for each hip, a total of 1500 to 2000 ml of fat is extracted from the person. With Vaser Liposuction, the required amount of fat is extracted by using 2-3 mm thick cannulas.

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