Labia Majora Fat Injection

Labia Majora Fat Injection

How Is Genital Big Lip Oil Filling Made?

Genital lip augmentation can be done with fat injection, hyaluronic acid injection or collagen injection.

Genital Big Lip Oil Filler

Large lips are the hairy area in the external genitalia in women. It is also known as “outer lip” or “labia majora”. Large genital lip fat filling is a genital aesthetic operation performed for a fuller and younger appearance of this area.

The youthful appearance is achieved thanks to the stem cells located around the adipose tissue. The cosmetic results after this genital aesthetic operation, which requires experience, are quite pleasing.

Big lip augmentation can be done with fat injection, hyaluronic acid injection or collagen injection. In this section, there is detailed information about the big lip augmentation, which is made in the form of injection into the big lips after the person’s own fat is taken and prepared.

Big lip fat filling is also known as “labia majora augmentation”, “majora ogmentaston”, “labia majora augmentation” or “large lip fat injection”.

How to make big lip fat filling?

There are three different stages of the big lip augmentation process. Fat grafting procedure;

Oil collection (harvesting),
Oil processing,
It includes lubrication (lypofilling) processes.
During the application of outer lip oil filling, some cannulas (special pipes) and auxiliary apparatus are used.

Stages for Outer Lip Filling

Fat collection (Harvesting, Lipoaspiration)
Fat collection is also known as “lipoaspiration” or “harvesting”. The most commonly preferred site for lipoaspiration is the abdomen. However, it is often impossible to remove fat from the abdomen in patients who do not have enough fat in the abdomen, who are weak, or who have previously undergone abdominoplasty (tummy tuck surgery). Therefore, fat collection (lipoaspiration) can be done from the lateral abdomen, inner thigh, outer thigh or mons pubis regions.

How is oil removal done?

Liposuction is usually performed under general or light sedation anesthesia. Thanks to the 3 mm diameter cannula (special tube) inserted through the navel, the fat in the abdominal region is collected into the injector.

How much oil is collected?

In line with the needs of the tissue, usually between 20 cc and 100 cc of oil is collected.

Fat Processing
The removed fat is processed in different ways according to the surgeon’s experience and preference. These:

centrifuge only,
Washing + Centrifuge,
Dry (no-touch) techniques.
According to the dry technique, the fat taken from the abdomen area is made ready to be given after thinning.

Centrifuge or washing + centrifugation techniques are applied in case the special solution prepared with the method called “tumescent anesthesia” is injected into the tissue before the fat collection process.

Lubrication (Lypofilling)
The lubrication process is carried out through a 1-1.5 mm lubrication cannula inserted into small holes drilled from the clitoris level. The removed and thinned fat is given to the different layers of both large lips in equal amounts.

Labia Majora Fat Filling Procedure

Immediately after the labia majora oil filling process, a light massage is done by hand to ensure that the oil is spread homogeneously in the tissue.

Is the fat given after the labia majora fat filling procedure permanent?
A significant part of the fat given after the labia majora fat filling operation is reabsorbed by the body. 6 months after the operation, 30-40% of the injected fat remains permanently. This remaining oil has a long-term (up to 5 years) permanence. However, in cases of rapid weight loss, the fat in this area may melt, as in other parts of the body. If necessary, the big lip oil filling process can be repeated.

Big lip fat injection can be performed simultaneously with which genital plastic surgery?
Big lip fat injection can also be performed simultaneously with labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, perineoplasty operations in line with the condition of the tissue and the patient’s preferences. In addition, genital PRP can be applied in the same session. Genital PRP also increases the permanence of the fat.

In which areas is fat injection done?
Apart from big lip filling, fat injections can be made to different areas. Fat taken from the operation area;

G spot magnification
Treatment of cesarean suture scars
Urinary incontinence (stress urinary incontinence) treatment
It can also be used for the treatment of deep skin grooves on the face.
Erasing Cesarean Suture Marks

Fat injection to remove cesarean suture marks.

What is the success of the big lip fat filling procedure?
As stated, approximately one third of the given adipose tissue can survive. For this reason, the volume of oil given in the transfer process may be slightly higher.

In the Lypofilling (oil filling) process, an average of 20-50 cc of oil can be given for each lip, depending on the need. This amount can be increased a little more in patients with advanced collapse.

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