Leg Lift

Leg Lift

Leg Lift

Since the inner parts of the legs have a thin skin structure, sagging may occur over time. Thanks to the leg stretching aesthetics, the leg area is thinned and the wraps and fluctuations are eliminated.

What is Leg Lift Aesthetics?

Deteriorations may occur in the body due to aging, rapid weight loss and pregnancy. These deteriorations are the result of changes in the structures, shapes and arrangement of collagen and aesthetic fibers in the body. These impairments are also seen in the legs, which are the organs of the body that are limited from the groin to the sole and are used for walking.

The skin on the inner parts of the thighs (upper legs) is thin. For this reason, it is more affected by natural deterioration. In this area, sagging and loosening can be seen from place to place.

Leg stretching aesthetics is an operation performed to stretch the sagging in the inner parts of the upper leg, also called “thigh”, and to remove fat accumulation. The main purpose of the leg stretching operation is not to thin the entire leg area. The operation also aims to remove the loosening of the skin on the thighs and the fluctuations in this area. In addition, aesthetic procedures such as fat removal and regional thinning can be applied during the operation, considering the patient’s demand and skin quality, along with the actual procedure. In addition, tummy tuck surgery can be added to the operation upon request.

Why is it done?

Due to the sagging of the legs, there is an aesthetic negativity. In addition, deformations may occur on the skin due to friction while walking. These disturbing situations negatively affect the comfort of life. Leg stretching operations are applied for restoring comfort in the leg areas and for an aesthetic appearance.

Surgery Methods

Many factors can cause sagging in the upper leg. Lubrication can also be observed during the examination.

In some cases, the problem can be solved with laser liposuction on the legs with lubrication. In this case, there is no need for leg stretching aesthetics.

However, if sagging is more dominant, leg stretching is also applied after the surgeon’s diagnosis. During the leg lift operation, additional liposuction may be needed.

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