Lower Eyelid

Lower Eyelid

Lower Eyelid

Glances are the elements that affect our entire facial expression, and the eyelids are the elements that greatly affect our expression. It will be inevitable for a person to look old and tired with a facial expression in which our gaze reveals the effects of time. The eye area, which is the most striking place on our face, is also the area with the most sensitive and thin structure on the face, so when we look in the mirror, it will be easy for us to notice the effects of aging in our gaze.

On the upper eyelids with the effect of advancing age; sagging, wrinkles and loosening due to fat herniation may occur. In the lower eyelid depending on the progression of age; Conditions such as loosening of the skin, the formation of wrinkles and the clarification of under-eye bags may occur. Lower eyelid aesthetic applications are procedures performed successfully to eliminate these negative effects that occur with time.

Aging Formation on the Lower Eyelid

The eyeball is located in a bony socket called the “orbita” that surrounds the eye. Apart from this bone structure, the eyeball provides a functional and comfortable movement, and the connective tissue and fat pads around it. The fat pads here also have an independent and safe movement area. With the advancement of age, signs of aging appear in this very sensitive and active area. In some cases, due to the genetic predisposition of the person, weakening of this connective tissue may occur at an earlier age and the fat pads may shift forward or downward.

Although there are some basic differences between the lower eyelid and the upper eyelid, the face should be considered as a whole in the signs of aging that occur in these two separate eyelid areas. In this respect, the signs of aging that occur in the upper eyelid and the lower eyelid are related to the aging quality in the forehead area. However, the signs of aging in the lower eyelid are mainly related to the cheek areas.

What are the Signs of Aging in the Lower Eyelid?

The signs of aging in the lower eyelid can be listed as follows;

In cases where the connective tissue weakens and the fat pads slip, bags under our eyes occur.
A curved groove appears in the area just above the cheekbones, which limits the under-eye bags.
Generally, after the age of 40, a downward displacement occurs in the adipose tissue of the cheek with the effect of gravity.
A halo-shaped depression can be observed in the border area with the cheek under the lower eyelid.
Laugh lines around the mouth may become prominent.
There is thinning of the lower eyelid skin.
Due to the thinning of the lower eyelid skin, visible wrinkles appear around the eyes.
Clear and deep lines, called crow’s feet, begin to form around the lower eyelid.
At the age of 50 and later, weakening and relaxation of the eyelid muscles occur.
With the weakening of the eyelid muscles, the fat pads around the eye become more prominent as they lose the muscle support in front of them.
How is Lower Eyelid Aesthetics Decided?
In the signs of aging on the lower eyelid, the face should be considered as a whole and the aging of the lower eyelid should not be evaluated independently of the signs of aging on the cheek.

In lower eyelid aesthetics, a physical examination is primarily performed on the cheek area. In line with the physical examination, the quality of the relaxation in the muscles in the region is determined and the weakness in the connective tissues is evaluated. The nature of the slippage in the fat pads in the lower eyelid and the extent to which the slip occurs downward or forward are evaluated.

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