Lower – Upper Eyelid

Lower – Upper Eyelid

Eyelid aesthetic

One of the most important signs of aging on the face is changes in the eyelids. It starts in the 30s and after the 50s, the speed of the deformation gradually increases. The reasons can be listed as age, skin type, gravity, insomnia, intense working tempo, malnutrition, smoking and alcohol consumption. In this process, the muscle tissue in the eyelids becomes thinner, the fat tissue in the eyelid swells, and the abundance in the skin increases. The upper eyelid drops towards the top of the eye and swelling occurs. In the lower eyelid, swelling is observed due to the sagging of the cheeks. In this case, a younger appearance is obtained by applying eyelid aesthetics.

“With eyelid aesthetics, drooping, wrinkles and sagging of the eyelids are surgically removed.”

Although eyelid problems usually seem like an aesthetic problem, it should not be forgotten that advanced deformations can also cause various problems in the eye. Thus, a younger look and expression in the eyes are provided more easily.

“It is possible to go back to 15 years ago with eyelid aesthetic operations.”

Upper Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

If the patient only needs an aesthetic intervention for the upper eyelid, this problem can be eliminated with an operation that takes a maximum of one hour with local anesthesia.

The patient’s eyelid is drawn with a pencil so that the desired shape can be obtained. Thanks to the aesthetic incisions made, excess skin and muscle are removed. If there is an increase in the adipose tissue, the adipose tissue is removed as necessary during the same operation, and the operation is completed. Upper eyelid surgery is a painless procedure. When the operation is completed, it is taped in a way that does not prevent vision.

After upper eyelid aesthetics: Cold pressure application will minimize the formation of edema. Increasing swelling and bruising in the first days is quite normal and disappears completely within a week or two. Swelling can be reduced by lying upright. The cream that your doctor will give you will remove the bruises in a short time.

In the first period, there may be a stinging and burning sensation, and these complaints can be easily eliminated with simple painkillers. On the 5th day following the surgery, the bands on the eye are removed and the stitches are removed. It should be noted that complete recovery will take 6 weeks. Activities that require heavy effort should be avoided.

Lower Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

With eyelid aesthetic surgery, bags and sagging in the lower eyelids are removed.
Since it is handled together with the sagging on the cheek, the result is usually achieved with aesthetic interventions in the middle of the face. Therefore, it is performed under general anesthesia. According to the planning of the surgery, it is completed in approximately 2 to 4 hours. With the incision made just below the lower eyelid, the skin and muscle tissue are lifted together. In cases where the under-eye adipose tissue is not too much, the adipose tissue is not intervened, this adipose tissue will fill the depression that will occur in the eye socket.

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