Mini Abdomen Lifting

Mini Abdomen Lifting

Mini Abdominoplasty

Aging, pregnancy and weight gain take a toll on body form, especially around the waist and hips. Skin laxity and stubborn fat contribute to their deformities to the abdomen and hips. It makes it difficult to wear the clothes you want and also increases lower back pain. In some people, the quality of the skin under the navel is not very deteriorated after birth or gaining and losing excess weight, there is no crack in the skin, but there is a certain amount of excess skin. We prefer Mini Abdominoplasty for these people.

What is Mini Abdominoplasty?

Mini Abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure performed to remove excess fat and skin from the lower abdomen and lower abdomen, to restore a smooth silhouette or body shape, and to obtain a natural aesthetic appearance.

What is the difference between “Mini Tummy Tuck” and “Full Tummy Tuck”?

A mini tummy tuck is similar to a full tummy tuck with a few differences. Like full tummy tuck surgery, the incision site is in the groin area in mini tummy tuck surgery. However, in mini tummy tuck surgery, the incision is not as long as a full tummy tuck. A shorter incision does not mean you will heal faster or have a shorter recovery period. However, it is a fact that the surgical scar will be shorter after mini tummy tuck.
In mini tummy tuck surgery, no incision is made around the navel and the location of the navel does not change. Mini tummy tuck is performed without leaving any scar around the navel.
In a full tummy tuck, the skin and fat layer is lifted up to the level of the ribs over the muscle layer, while in a mini-tummy tuck, it is lifted up to the level of the navel. Therefore, recovery is faster in mini tummy tuck surgery.
Muscle repair in mini tummy tuck surgery is limited to the lower abdomen only. In full tummy tuck surgery, muscle repair continues throughout the upper and lower abdomen. For this reason, if there is a “separation in the abdominal muscles”, which we call “diastasis recti”, or if there is a suspicion of hernia in the abdomen, Full Abdominoplasty is preferred.
Recovery after mini tummy tuck surgery is shorter and return to social life is faster.
During mini tummy tuck surgery, “Vaser Liposuction” can be performed to make the waist thinner and flatter. These fats taken with Vaser Liposuction can be given as “fat injection” to needed body parts such as hips, breasts and face, if desired.

“Breast augmentation with fat injection” and “hip lift” can be performed in the same session with Mini Abdominoplasty. With the excess skin taken from the lower part of the abdomen, the abdomen is made more tense. In mini tummy tuck, the location of the belly button does not change, the incision and scar are smaller. The location of the incision is in the form of the cesarean section extended to the sides. It will stay in underwear. Muscle repair (diastasis recti) can also be done during a mini tummy tuck.

How is Mini Abdominoplasty Performed?

Mini tummy tuck surgery is an operation that takes approximately 1-2 hours under general anesthesia. Before mini abdominoplasty, the whole body is shaped with vaser liposuction. The waist cavity is exposed and the upper abdomen is shaped. With the limited incision in the groin area, the lower abdominal muscles are repaired in the midline and a tighter abdomen is created. In mini tummy tuck surgery, excess fat and skin in the lower abdomen are removed in sufficient quantities. A taut and shaped flat stomach is obtained.

Mini Abdominoplasty Surgery Stages

Stage 1: After mini tummy tuck, it is planned to remove the necessary tissue in the lower abdomen so that the scar remains in the groin area (in underwear). In mini tummy tuck surgery, the planned amount of skin is removed in the lower abdomen according to the patient’s needs. In this procedure, no incision is made around the navel. The belly remains attached to the underlying abdominal muscles and the remaining abdominal skin.
Stage 2: The abdominal skin is lifted from the abdominal wall, revealing the abdominal muscles. The skin of the abdomen is lifted in the midline just below the navel, slightly higher on both sides of the navel, to ensure that the navel sticks to the abdominal wall.
Stage 3: The abdominal wall muscles are tightened and repaired using a special suture material. The muscles are brought together in the midline.
Stage 4: Finally, an appropriate amount of skin is removed and a scar is designed to remain within the bikini line.

Mini Abdominoplasty Recovery Process

4-5 hours after the mini tummy tuck surgery, the patient can walk, eat and walk around. As a precaution, we prefer to host our patients in the hospital for 1 night after mini tummy tuck surgery. After the mini tummy tuck surgery, patients can return to their desk jobs after 1 week, they can do rhythmic walks for 2 weeks, and indoor sports after 3-4 weeks (except for the movements that will stretch the abdominal muscles).

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